What is fruit tree?

Fruit tree is a registered, Christian, non-profit organization that aims to provide project partnerships.As a project sponsor you develop your own very specific project together with the project managers. The foundation of the work is the relationship between you and the people on the ground.

Who can implement a project with fruit tree?

Anyone who wants to help other people can participate. Either alone, or with your friends, your family, your house circle … You do not have to be an expert or have any special knowledge. Anyone can be there. Fruit tree supports you right from the start.

Why do I need fruit tree?

At fruit tree, we support you from the outset and help you develop, plan and carry out your project. Fruit tree is designed for those who want to do something but do not know exactly where and how to begin.

What are the advantages of having a project of your own?

Once you have traveled to a developing country, there is often a special relationship with this country and its people, and thus often also the desire to bring about positive changes for this country. In particular, if you have lived in this country for a certain time, there are still some relationships with the people there after that time. These personal contacts, which have been established by fruit tree in recent years, are the basis for our projects.

The special thing about fruit tree is that with very small projects we change the lives of individuals or families. The secret of fruit tree are the personal relationships that arise. Unlike large organizations and projects, it is much more likely to build a relationship with the people you help in small projects. Our chatroom for the development of your project with our partners makes this possible.

How do I fund my project?

The projects are developed in such a way that they do not cost much money. You can make a lot of money with little money. At fruit tree, we want small amounts to help people on the ground have a chance to help themselves. Many people do not want to donate to large organizations, because they are not sure whether the money really reaches the people who need it. But if you tell your family, friends, or community about your own personal project, then they are sure to donate to you and your project.

Note, however, in your project development that some project countries have to transfer abroad transfer fees of up to 30 euros. If you only want to donate a small amount, you can also work in a country where we do not have to pay any fees. If your own projects to your friends or present your church people are mostly ready to support you and your project.


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